June 15th/ 7 PM

John "Papa" Gros

“Sharing New Orleans with the world is my calling.” - John “Papa” Gros  

New Orleans has its fair share of musical ambassadors, but few  are more rooted in the cracked sidewalks and popping speakers  of the Crescent City than John “Papa” Gros. Born and raised in  the city, Gros melds funk, rock, jazz, and blues to deliver a sound  that is both innovative and unmistakably New Orleans.  

Gros launched his career as a solo performer in the early 1990s,  quickly gaining attention from marquee artists such as George  Porter Jr. and Snooks Eaglin, both of whom brought him on  board as a supporting musician. As he sat behind the keys,  backing up some of the city’s most iconic musicians, he soaked  in a lifetime of experience and continued to develop his craft.  He released his solo debut, Day’s End, in 2004.  The next dozen years would be dedicated to leading and  recording six albums with his band, Papa Grows Funk. He  returned to solo work with 2016’s River’s On Fire and cemented  his legacy as a part of the direct lineage of New Orleans music  with 2020’s Central City. The complete self-portrait of John  “Papa” Gros has been revealed.  

In keeping with the energy and spirit the Big Easy is known for,  Gros is a consummate live performer. His infectious band shows  have been the highlight of festivals and venues across the U.S.  and Europe, showcasing versatile musicianship, relentless  grooves, and eclectic songcraft of the highest order. Drawing on the full breadth and depth of his extensive catalog,  Gros’ live performance marries style with substance, bringing  that unique, can’t-put-your-finger-on-it magic of New Orleans  and infusing the audience with a joyous energy few artists can  match.  

John “Papa” Gros is a bedrock New Orleans artist, a keyboardist,  singer and songwriter who draws on funk, rhythm & blues and  Americana songcraft; he also knows his way around the Mardi  Gras music repertoire about as well as anyone.
-The New  Orleans Advocate.

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